Cameron Francis – Numbered (PDF + Video)


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A self-working, completely in-the-hands card at number miracle!


The magician produces a deck of cards, stating that he made a prediction in the deck. The spectator merely thinks of a number. To make it really random, the magician asks the spectator to double it in his mind. Let’s say the spectator is thinking of the number 24.

The deck is un-cased and then and only then, the spectator names the number out loud. The magician counts through the cards and removes the 24th. He snaps it over and It has the number 24 drawn on its back in bold marker! None of the other cards have writing on them.
Completely in the hands
Instant reset
Perfect for walk-around
Uses a normal deck of cards. Nothing added or taken away
No gaffs, gimmicks or duplicate cards
Self working
A different number can be named each time!
Numbered is a 6 page PDF with a supplemental performance and explanation video.