C – Fold By Scott Alexander (Instant Download)

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Scott Alexander’s C-Fold is just like C4 …its freaking dynamite! This is a super quick, in the hands card fold technique that not only folds the card, but insures the job is done neatly every time. No more weird bends or angles in your folds. C- Fold gets the job done right!

Not only does Scott tip his fold, he also shows you how he uses it in a classic and powerful piece of close up called the Card in Matchbook, made famous by the inimitable Matt Schulien. Scott completely explains his handling and routine for this powerhouse effect. He provides you with comedy lines and the perfect bit of choreography and misdirection to do the dirty work right in front of everyone. He also shows how this versitile fold can be used for other effects, like the Card in Can, and Card In Mouth. C-Fold takes out all the lag time of other more cumbersome card folds.

Finally, Scott unleashes another bit of matchbook magic with a new twist on trick published by Ted Annemann called “Before Your Eyes” which uses a new innovation in conjunction with this weird little piece of mental magic.

Total running time is 30 minutes.
Featuring “Card in Matchbook” and “Before Your Eyes”