Brett Barry – SvenPad presented by Blake Vogt – (Video + pdf; Gimmick not included, but DIYable)


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As close as you can get to REAL mind-reading. SvenPad® is a powerful utility device that allows you to READ your SPECTATOR’S mind and divine their thoughts – effortlessly.

No sleight of hand – it’s almost entirely self-working.

There’s no limit to what you can predict – names, cities, movies, or even celebrity names. You’re correct 100% of the time. Taught in detail by Blake Vogt, SvenPad® also includes a PDF from creator Brett Barry with over 50 more mind-blowing ideas, routines, and presentations.

This is something you’ll have in your back pocket wherever you go – ready to perform remarkable mentalism routines at a moment’s notice.

The pad itself arrives BLANK – so you can write in whatever you want to predict. Includes everything you need to perform – even the specific pen to write in your predictions!

SvenPad® has been performed on international television by some of magic’s most respected performers – for good reason. It’s a bulletproof, powerful, practical weapon you’ll be using on a daily basis.