Brad Adams – LIT (Gimmick construction explained)

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Introducing Magic Stream Homegrown… a hub for independent creators. Everything you see is created, filmed & edited by the artist. With Homegrown the production value comes second, but the magic always comes first. 

To start this party on Homegrown we’ve got LIT by Brad Adams. 

With LIT you can morph permanent ink into ANY word. Step away from the same old magician’s tools and use an item spectators are instantly familiar with… a lighter.

Imagine marking a lighter with a sharpie, and with a few shakes those lines morph into a word: LIT. With exceptional tuition, LIT dives into great detail on how to easily make this device and how to adapt the gimmick to any word.  

LIT defines “Packs small, plays big”. With a standard lighter at your disposal, you will have spectators questioning their eyes over this optical sucker punch.