Biz – The Universal xChange

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A BBM Exclusive Download Video – The Universal xChange is a KILLER move from the ingenious mind of Biz! An outjogged card is plunged into the centre of the deck and pulled back out to reveal that it has changed value. It is done in full view, at the fingertips, and looks utterly impossible.

With Biz’s clear and succinct teaching this sleight is actually:

*Easy to do

use it as a colour change
use it with facedown cards as a switch
use it to swap one card for multiple cards

*Even use it as a transformation

playing card to credit card
playing card to poker chip
playing card to billet
playing card to bill

The exclusive download runs for over 20mins and features:

The Move Explained
Using A Double Explained
Using An Injog Explained
Multiple Cards
An Alternative Handling
Switching In Objects