Benjamin Earl – The Family – March 2023 (all files included: Are You Watching Closely? – Dai Vernon, Technical Masterclass – The Bottom Palm, Drills – The Bottom Palm, River, Blue Moon Triumph, The Family Podcast – March 2023, In Conversation)


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This month is structured around the Dai Vernon. Featuring a technical masterclass on The Bottom Palm, two mind blowing effects: River and Blue Moon Triumph plus a whole heap of awesomeness.

Are You Watching Closely? – Dai Vernon

Looking closely at Dai Vernon’s profound influence on magic and magicians.

Technical Masterclass – The Bottom Palm

A masterclass on the technique, timing and psychology of the Bottom Palm.

Drills – The Bottom Palm

A continuous, improvised practice session on the Bottom Palm:

  • Slow-motion action
  • Pinkie pull-down
  • Instant palming + various actions
  • Post-palm natural movements
  • Invisible deck work
  • Pinning
  • Pinning + invisible deck work
  • Pinning + gesture palms
  • Natural actions
  • Fan Palm
  • Overhand Shuffle Palm
  • Instant Swing Cut Palm
  • False Swing Cut Palm
  • Left hand retreating
  • Small packet palms
  • Deck turnover palms
  • Cop to full palm
  • Various natural actions + replacements
  • Palm to table work + transfers + replacements
  • Erdnase tabled bottom palm

Performance – River

Explanation – River

Explaining River.

Director’s Commentary – River

A deeper look into the technique, timing and psychology of River.

Performance – Blue Moon Triumph

Explanation – Blue Moon Triumph (coming week 3)

Director’s Commentary – Blue Moon Triumph (coming week 3)


The Family Podcast – March 2023 (coming week 4)

In Conversation (date t.b.a.)