Benjamin Earl – Gambit Vol.2 (limited edition)


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We strive to provide you with products that no other magic shop can stock; Ben Earl’s Gambit magazine is the perfect example of this. It’s an underground card magazine containing some of the highest calibre magic published this year…and we have a small quantity of them available.

Cofounder Andi Gladwin says, “Benjamin Earl is without doubt my favourite card magician. I truly believe that the techniques and effects from his Past Midnight and Skin DVDs and Gambit magazines are some of the most groundbreaking to have been published this decade.”

Gambit 2 is the second issue of Ben’s magazine and contains:

Cards of Leon: an incredibly fooling handling of Simon Aronson’s Shuffle-Bored.
Even The Burn Card: a hands-of spectator cuts the Aces where they shuffle the deck!
Casual Open Placement: a new relaxing culling technique.
The Shape Shuffle: one of the most convincing false shuffles you’ll ever learn.
Holdout Man: a contribution from THE David Williamson!
And much more, including the deck switch that got gasps at The Session!

These are very limited edition and we’ve managed to secure a few copies. They WILL sell out quickly.