Benjamin Earl – Gambit Vol. 1 (limited edition)


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Gambit Magazine was launched at theSession Conventionon January 17th 2009. It is created, written and produced by Benjamin Earl and is aimed at performers who like advanced card work. Gambit features a diversity of sleights, routines, subtleties, ideas, articles and techniques from Benjamin Earl. Gambit also contains contributions from some of the most gifted cardmen in the world.

All of the material featured within Gambit is very practical and efficient. Framing most of the effects and moves within a gambling context is a stylistic choice that will not suit everyone; however most of the material is applicable to all forms of card work; False Shuffles, False Cuts, Culls, Deals, Shifts, Deck Switches, Controls, Peek/Glimpses, Palms, psychology, presentation and more.