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Mentalism is an amazing form of entertainment and one of the last true believable feats of mystery entertainment left.​

Anything is a piece of mentalism Ben Williams has been using in his professional repertoire for many years now. It ALWAYS gets a HUGE reaction, and the best part is that Anything is so easy! Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro, we are absolutely sure you will LOVE performing Anything; it is one of those routines that is so simple, yet so devastating for an audience that you can’t help but smile inside whenever you perform it!

If you know Any Word by Ben you know the basic routine, Anything is a video tutorial of this with multiple live performances and a tonne of other ideas and routines for this. ​Anything is a full routine taught to you in full by Ben, this is not a new propless piece of mentalism or psychological technique. Anything is a routine born out of classic mentalism. Ben has shaped this routine over many years working out the most streamlined and effective way to perform, making sure it hits spectators HARD every time it is performed.

Performing Anything you can predict practically ANY piece of information. Here are a few things that you can EASILY predict using Anything:

The name of someone you have never met
A birthday of a stranger
Pocket change
Freely thought of lottery numbers
EVEN actions, predict what item someone will point to in a room for example.

The routine is worded in a way to lure your spectators in, Ben talks about this in the tutorial. This routine really is a massive garden path for your spectators to walk up, they don’t realise they have been had until the end! Don’t worry, this is not psychological forcing that could go wrong, Anything is 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

The prediction is written in bright red ink, can be sealed in an envelope or in full view the whole time and you can perform Anything in a variety of ways making it completely adaptable to your style.

That is not all though, Ben even includes his Anything Book Test routine. A full routine perfect for a promotional video, stage routine or even in close up. This version of Anything allows you to perform a triple hit routine that demonstrates both influence and mind reading to your spectators, making you seem like

Firstly you predict an action, such as a small choice, just to warm them up.

Then you then read the mind of a spectator and tell them a chosen word they are thinking of from a freely chosen book.

To top it all off you show a prediction written in red ink sealed in an envelope (or similar) that says the name of the book that they freely chose.

Just imagine performing this in a bookshop for a promotional video or on TV as part of a publicity campaign.

With Anything the secret can be learned and mastered very quickly and easily, the basic principle and routine can be learned within minutes. Yet the tutorial is over 1.5 HOURS as there are so many ways to perform this routine!

You can perform this routine as part of a card set, so you can meander into mentalism from your magic set in a totally organic and interesting way; you can perform Anything with a few items or a borrowed mobile phone and a couple of pieces of paper and a pen, making it practically impromptu – a couple of seconds set up and you are ready to go.

Ben also teaches a few different impossible locations that you can reveal your prediction in, from your pocket to your shoe, Ben talks about some marketed items such as gaffed wallets and also goes on to teach a couple of cool ways to have the prediction in FULL VIEW the WHOLE TIME!

So in summary, what do you get when you click the buy button?

A video tutorial download over 1.5 hours long
A fully tested routine, guaranteed to get reactions and work 100% of the time
A mentalism routine perfect for publicity and radio
All of Ben’s tips and knowledge from nearly 10 years of honing this routine
Multiple live performances
Multiple adaptable ideas for impossible locations
The ability to make people believe you are a master of suggestion and influence