Barbumagic – Butterfly Ring Vol.1 (Instant Download)


Learn new, impromptu and exiting ring magic!

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See what other great magicians are saying about this project:

“That was some crazy sh#t I just watched!” – Tom Wright

“Ring magic has to be one of the most organic magic and to see it develop further with new ideas is just refreshing.” – Patrick Kun

“Looks like someone has been busy… Lots of good looking stuff here!“ – Zach Heath

“Butterfly Ring is pretty clever. Visual, clean, practical, no need to say anything else.” – Hanson Chien

“Crazy Great Sh*t!!!” – De’vo vom Schattenreich

With this project you will get the explanation in full detail of all ring magic effects from the trailer and more!

Butterfly Ring Vol.1 effects:
1-4. Push – Pull Sequence – ring through finger goes to the next level. This sequence consists of these following moves:
PUSH (reverse of Patrick Kun’s Reflex – ring through finger), PULL, CLOSED PUSH, TRANSFER.
5. TELEPORT – with a wave of the hand, the ring looks like it teleports from a finger to another.
6. MELT – the ring looks like it melts through the finger, under the cover of the hand.
7. SLINKY Vanish – very visual retention vanish.
8. LIFESAVER Vanish – very deceptive vanish of a ring with no sleeves.

Welcome to Butterfly Ring Vol.1!