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A masterclass on the linking rings from FISM-winner Axel Hecklau.

Whether you already perform the rings and are looking too give your routine a boost, or are just starting out, there is something for everyone in this download. 40 years of performing experience have been put into this 3.5-hour long comprehensive guide that offers a new approach to the linking rings. Crystal-clear instructions, multi-camera views and slow motion replays makes learning the linking rings easier than ever before.

You won’t just learn the HOW, but also the WHY. On top of the important theoretical thoughts on structure, dramaturgy or routining and classical moves and figures, you will learn how to link two rings with absolutely no sound in fluid motion, in many different ways.

Part 1: 7 Rings (a brilliant routine).

Analysis of the structure, dramaturgy, symbolism, background thoughts and many other theoretical aspects, as well as the routining and mechanics, of Axel Hecklaus’ 7 ring routine using just a standard set of rings. This routine is 6 minutes of astonishing entertainment for all performance situations. One of the most practical pieces you can do. And Axel will spend 2 hours breaking down every decision and explaining its significance.

Part 2: Silent Rings

More than 15 different innovative ways to silently link and unlike 2 rings. There’s a variation, handling or display to suit every performer’s needs.

Download “The Silent Rings” today.

NOTE: No linking rings are included. This is a download only. You must provide your own set of 8 inch to 12 inch linking rings.