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The response to Easy Cube has exceeded all my expectations. After only 24 hours, the first edition was already sold out.

Now I ordered the second batch from my manufacturer. I will get them during the 3rd week of January. I will pack them as fast as possible so I can start to ship the 2nd edition end of January.

Unfortunately it is not possible to be faster, since a large part of the gimmick production process is made by hand. (Made in Germany) 

Thank you for your patience.


Do you like to perform a FISM wining routine in your stand up or stage show?

It´s very easy to do

No need to learn algorithms

Killer effect

No set up time

No angle issues

No danger to screw it up

Concentrate to your performance

Packs small – plays big

1. a Rubiks cube is mixed by the audience

2. you place it into a popcorn bag

3. within seconds you (or a spectator!) solve it one-handed without looking

4. the bag is empty

Easy Cube is perfect for your stand-up or stage show – it´s so practical in so many ways.

People are fascinated by Rubiks cubes and the fact that the audience mixes the cube (and the high quality gimmick) makes it so convincing.


You can let a spectator solve the cube

Imagine this:

The audience mixes a Rubiks cube and you ask a spectator to help to solve it.

You give the spctator a flyer with “the secret” to read and he will instantly be able to solve the cube (of course he will have no clue how he did it).

You take the mixed cube back from the audience and place it into a popcorn bag.

The spectator reaches with one hand into the bag, feels the cube and turns it as long (or fast) he likes.

As soon as the spectator thinks he has finished you tear apart the bag so everybody can see there is nothing else inside than the hand of the spectator holding the solved cube in his hand.

I cannot stress it more: there is no need to learn algorithms or one handed turning moves. It is not possible to screw up the effect of Easy Cube by making a wrong turn on the cube.


But Easy Cube is more than just a routine to solve the cube – it´s a powerfull tool that can be used in combination with other Rubiks cube routines – e.g. as an perfect OUT in case you make a mistake during a sequence based routine.


“The gimmick is genious and the quality is a dream”

N. Friedrich (flicking fingers)



The Easy Cube Set:

2 high quality speedcubes

The very realistic looking and precise manufactured MOVABLE Gimmick

Pata fix

3 Replacement sticker sets

3 popcorn bags small

3 popcorn bags large

Explanation Video with 4 Routines / Variations to perform Easy Cube (Online-streaming video in English or German)

– Easy Routine – world record solve

– Comedy sucker routine

– Spectator solve 1

– Spectator solve 2 (Axel Hecklau´s FISM routine)

Performance rights for live performances and online videos (TV rights not included)