Axel Hecklau – Destiny – It´s Your Choice (Video + 2 template files, all easy to make yourself)


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A destiny card is freely choosen and drawn in a piece of paper. The spectator shuffles his card into the deck by himself.

Then it follows a funny procedure of elemination. The spectator throws several times half of the cards into the air.

The raining cards are funny and create a “big picture” on stage.

At the end 2-3 cards are left from which the spectator clearly selects one card (no classic equivoque) . Now everybody expects the previous selected card (since you are a magician and you know how you can do something like this)

But life is full of surprise – it´s a totally different card. Of course – because all the spectators decisions where totally free.

But at the end everything comes the other way. Without having touched the paper now it shows the last card you hold in your hands.

– the paper stays visible the whole time – no switch

– the elemination process is extremly fair

– the raining cards are creating a beautyfull picture and fill the stage

– at the end there is a full deck of unprepared cards on the floor

– the story “destiny” gives you many possipilities for your story and is interesting to everybody.

You get an digital download that explains everything in deep detail

For the “perfect” Version you need to craft a little bit. The neccessary material for a performance in front of an audience is available at online office supply shops