Antonio Romero – Penguin Live Lecture (January 14th, 2018)


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“Antonio Romero is a special case. Magicians like that, with a star on their forehead, are very few and far between. His magic is, and of all, precious. Precious in the conception of the tricks, with strong doses of originality, which make for a very sophisticated construction. Much talent is needed for so much.” – Arturo De Ascanio

“Antonio Romero’s magic is intelligent, original and entertaining. Only few have that over-abundance of talent that is the hallmark of his magic. Add to this his influence from the Spanish School of Thought, having been one of Ascanio’s close friends, as well as his background in engineering and marketing, plus the experience as an international professional performer, and you get a unique inventor, performer and lecturer. His routine with the transparent Cups & Balls is a thing of sheer beauty and superior to anything I’ve seen or know in that genre.” – Roberto Giobbi

“What can I say of Antonio? Everything comes up with is a stroke of genius. His magic is fresh, original and with a bomb-proof structure.” – Hector Mancha

“In Antonio’s quality products and inventions every problem has been solved for you. Every detail has been passionately researched and worked out. One of the finest magic inventors of our time.” – Rafael Benatar

“It’s really difficult to find something new, amazing, that still reminisces of the great, classic secrets and manages to make your magic new as much as it makes it better. Antonio has found such a thing.”– Miguel Ángel Gea

“Antonio Romero’s creativity is a wealth of fantasy. His magic is full of truly impossible effects.”– Anthony Blake

What will he teach?

Envelope On My Back Prediction of a number that appears in an envelope previously pinned to the back of the magician’s jacket.

Four in One Transformation of a card into three selections.

Chromatic Interlude Double transformations of the Jokers into two selected cards which then travel to the magician’s pocket.

An-Ping-Tonio-Chien My Coins Across routine.

Near the Moon A version of Out of This World in which the spectators mix the cards.

Super-Notepad A telepathic transmission of a card by the spectators themselves with a kick ending.

Repeat Card to Pocket A selected card travels repeatedly to the magician’s pocket, with a surprise finish.

Who is he?

Antonio Romero was born in Madrid, Spain. He developed his skills as a magician in the 80s in the prestigious Spanish school, while he obtained a degree as an Industrial Engineer.

In 1992, he published his first book in Spain, which was later translated into French. In the early 90s he began to perform in corporate events and developed his performances for corporate environments.

He has lectured and performed for magicians in many countries and, in 2015, received the invention Award at FISM. He has marketed many of his clever creations such as The Perfect Hold OutThe Transparent CupsThe Romero BoxSuper L BagBill to MarkerTorn and Restored Newspaperthe Romero Card FountainReal Time ClipboardImpost-itbleLaminated Card, and Kabuki Card.

He has spoken for many companies on Motivation and Innovation, based on concepts of teamwork and creativity.


Honorary Member of the Madrid Magic Circle

Ascanio Award 1985

First Prize in Close-up Magic in the Spanish Magic Convention

Spain’s Magician of the Year, 1993.

First Prize in Close Up Magic in Portugal, 2005.

European Magic Championship 2005 – Japn Award.

World Award in Invention, FISM 2015