Andreas Dante – Tarino (all Videos and pdf files)


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This is your entry point to character divination!
Your participant secretly defines her personal priority list of life values without writing anything down just using the Tarino life value cards. You do palm reading or take her into a story while looking into her eyes and thereafter you reveal her very personal list of life values – with 100% accuracy.

Palm reading and different cold reading stories are illustrated in the explanation video using real life performances.
Eight Tarino life value cards allow for more than 40,000 different priority lists of life values. That’s 40,000 different outcomes of this effect. Still, you get it right every single time.

The Tarino cards are made from PDF templates that are included in the download. They are quickly assembled using simple household items.
Gimmick templates are provided in 8 world languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, showing the life values in your language.
In addition, you get customizable gimmicks that can be customized to any language in the world.

What’s great:
– 100% accurate, each and every time!
– No new skill to learn
– No branching anagrams or speech techniques
– No mathematics involved
– Nothing needs to be written down
– No sleight of hands
– No stooges or fishing
– No set-up required
– Instant reset
– Works fully surrounded (100% angle proof)
– Works for multiple people in the same group
– Gimmicks are openly handled by the participants
– Once the gimmicks are made they last for hundreds of performances
– The street gimmicks are as small as business cards and can be always with you.
– Suitable even for beginners in mentalism

The routine:
Take out eight cards each showing one important life value, such as ‘health’,’love’ or ‘happiness’. Ask your participant to define her personal order of these life values by placing the cards face down in front of her in a line defining her personal priority list. The backs of the cards have no writing at all and are grey so that no-one can see through.
Explain her that there are thousands of possible ways to sort these life values and that virtually every one has a different priority regarding life values. This can be interpreted as someone’s personal character key that makes them unique.
Then take your participant into a small story and reveal some of her character traits through cold reading or palm reading. Finally reveal her exact priority list of life values – 100% spot on.

During the performance the participant can freely handle the gimmicks and half a dozen performances included in the video download will be sufficient proof, that participants don’t backtrack the secret as they are carried away by the routine.

For the mentalist it is super easy: You don’t need to learn new skills. The gimmicks do all the hard work for you.
And they pack as small as a few business cards for the street performance. But we also provide gimmicks for parlor and stage that are distinguishable from the far. All gimmicks are provided as PDF-files and are easily assembled using simple household items.

What you’ll receive:
1) Two video files covering two and a half hours of video explanations, real-life performances and bonus effects, including:
– Routine to reveal the priority list of life values
– Routine for simple visualization and cold reading
– Story-based routines, based on: 1) Fairytale Story, 2) Cube Story, 3) Strawberry Field Story
– Routine based on NLP
– Routine based on palm reading

2) PDF gimmick templates for easy and fast assembly using simple household items :
– Gimmick templates in 8 world languages + customizable templates for any language in the world
– Gimmick templates for street, parlor and stage
– Additional templates for un-gimmicked life value cards to be handed out as a memory

3) Additional PDF training material:
– Hand reading primer
– Cold reading primer

4) Access to a protected bonus website with additional content.

PROFESSIONALS: The included performance videos shot on the street, on tables and on the stage will show you that this is a field-tested routine with a very deep impact on your participant. If you want to get booked, do the routine to your prospective customer and create a long lasting impact with minimal effort.