Allan Kronzek – Think of One


One of the strongest tricks you can possibly do. From a borrowed shuffled deck, you find a MERELY THOUGHT-OF CARD. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.

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“A clean revelation of a genuinely thought-of card, ‘Think of One’ is no doubt a modern classic. Allan has deviously constructed this trick to do the work for you. Even better, regular deck and not one move. Loved it since he got me years ago. Don’t pass up this one … or someone will fool you with it!” – John Bannon

Tell your audience to think of a playing card. They don’t write it down. They don’t take it out of the deck. They don’t move it from one part of the deck to another. There’s no force, and no stack. They think of a playing card, and then you reveal that playing card. This is Think Of One by Allan Kronzek.

Here’s what happens:
The deck is shuffled in view of the spectator who is asked to just think of a playing card from the deck. The audience member then removes a portion of the deck and hides it in their pocket or the card box. The remainder of the deck is cut in half on the table. The magician feels the energy of the deck, and after reading the mind of the spectator removes a single playing card from the deck and places it on the table. The spectator is asked to name their card out loud, and it matches the card on the table exactly.

Allan has developed a sophisticated presentation for an incredibly deceptive and direct way to reveal a thought of playing card. When the team at Penguin Magic first saw it at the prestigious 4F convention they were completely fooled. This can be performed with a borrowed and shuffled deck and is in a single word astonishing.