Alexander Marsh – Transfer (Gimmick making instruction)


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Money flies INVISIBLY from your hand, to your spectator’s TIGHTLY CLENCHED FIST. The entire bar erupts into applause and you barely get out of there with your clothes intact.

You’ll never leave home without this trick.

1. Even if you have potatoes for hands, not to worry — this trick takes literally zero skill. I know some tricks say that, when in fact they take very little skill.. but this one is truly self-working.

2. This trick doesn’t destroy money. Some money tricks require you to cut, rip or somehow damage money, and it’s usually well worth it. But with this trick you can relax.. if you run out of money you can easily spend your gimmick.

3. Takes up no space. Stick it in your wallet and you’ll have a serious miracle on you wherever you go.

PROFESSIONALS: This trick works with any type of money, and actually any pieces of paper really… It doesn’t matter if your bills are a different size because the trick uses all the same denomination.