Al Koran – The Astral Word presented by Richard Osterlind

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Osterlind’s show closer. A spectator thinks of ANY word in a book, and you’re able to read their mind. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.

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Strong enough to close the show of one of today’s leading mentalists. First performed by Al Koran, this book test looks like real mind reading. This is Astral Word.

Here’s what happens:

A member of your audience is allowed to look through a book and pick any page. They pick any word on that page and then write it down. You take the book back and instantly know the exact word they say. It’s that clean and that easy.

This simple to construct gimmick can be built into any book that fits your show. Richard Osterlind teaches everything you need to know about making Astral Word a real show stopper. There’s no fishing, narrow set of choices, or forcing. Any page. Any word. This is as direct a book test as it gets. This is Astral Word presented by Richard Osterlind.