Al Chen – One Coin Routine – MOA (FullHD)


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Al Chen is an up and coming talent from Taiwan and we are proud to feature his first download for a Western audience.

This one coin routine is beautifully refined. The focus is on clean displays. Even if you have a good knowledge of coin magic, you will watch this trailer and struggle to work out where the coin is being concealed.

Think of this download in two ways: First, as an excellent one coin routine that you will be able to perform. Second, as a toolbox of moves that you will be able to integrate into your other coin routines.

Note: This download is very short, running just two minutes. We encourage you to pause on the moments you want to understand in more detail. We also recommend that you only buy this download if you have a good understanding of the fundamentals of coin magic.

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Running time: 1 minute 50 seconds