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Being different always moves to your growth and progress A Modern method for double lifting cards plus five advanced new routines and also a bonus trick

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Tricks don’t get old just the way of doing them gets updated.
Without a doubt The most original and most functional methods of card tricks is cards double lift.
With a brief look to the history of magic card you’ll find out that artists had been using this method from the old days till now.
For example: dai Vernon , David Blaine , dan & dave buck , dani daOrtiz , Jeremy Griffith , lennart green and many other artists are using the basic method of cards double lift.
With studying of the acts you could find out that in cards double lift, in most acts you perform with both hands,
It seems that this methods is a bit old,
The audience of the magic always trying to discover the secrets behind the magic which with induction of a natural performance you can amaze them.
Perform the double lift with one hand,
It only gonna raise your level, plus those new routines are doable with normal cards and you can even use gaff cards for your own ingenious performances, also a bonus trick is included for you