Advaith S Kumar – Stretchified (Instant Download)


One Of The Most Visual, Practical And Easy To Do Stretching Card Effects – Ever!

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Welcome to Stretchified!
Stretchified is a super visual, practical and easy to do stretching card effect that will go straight into your working repertoire. It can be done with a spectator’s signed card as well.
And guess what? The card is immediately examinable after the effect with NO palming off or switching! Here’s what some other magicians had to say about it –
“Amazing!” – Sushil Jaiswal
Professional magician and mentalist, creator of Blured and C.I.T.A.
“I loved the idea of the effect; everyone is going to love this!” – Mayank Shekhar
Professional magician
“A tremendous first release from an extremely talented, promising youngster.” – Sachin K.M.
Professional magician, 8-time National Award Winner
Taught in detail; 1.5 hour tutorial. The gimmick is easy to make, and will last for a long time.
Also taught:
Non-tabled version
Two different methods of making the gimmick
Basic and advanced handling
FOUR bonus effects – Visual Full Deck Colour Change
Visual Card Vanish
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Visual Ambitious Card Closer