Zee J. Yan – Before I move on aka. BIMO (Video + all pdf files) (limited)


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I am not only sharing my work on sleights and effects, I am also sharing my thought process and how to get better at sleight of hands and how to upgrade moves.

If you didn’t notice already, most things I have released are not 100% mine. They are my take on already existing sleights.

I have included an essay/analysis on how I “steal” other people’s sleights and make them mine.

If anything, I think that essay alone is worth more than whatever you are investing in this project.

6 Sleights
– Classic Pass
– Cover Pass
– Double Rift
– Ego Control
– Logic Shuffle
– Zarrow Faro

6 Effects
– Fat Triumph
– Luh Transpo
– Marlonie Change
– Quick Arse
– Uncle Triumph
– Your Name Is My Name
Only Available until September 5. 2018