Tony Jackson – Tribute (Instant Download)


The ULTIMATE impromptu Monte-style magic effect! Kiss your Monte-Gimmicks goodbye!

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Effect: Performer display three ordinary playing cards, 2 black-suited Kings, and 1 red-suited Queen. These cards can be inspected and handled by the spectators. The performer then offers to demonstrate the “Old Monte game”. Spectators are told to follow the Queen. After a brief showing, cards are tossed down onto table.
Each card is than turned over one by one, revealing 3 Kings. The Queen has completely vanished and been replaced by another King.
I will be gping over the ‘Toss'(Hype), ‘Double-Flash’ and ‘ The Flip’, plus teaching a brand new move as well as the intricacies that allow you to achieve this effect.
Whether you are an experienced Monte-thrower or entirely new to the genre I know that you will love performing ‘Tribute’.
Perfect for stroll-around or Bar performances.