Tarbell 75: Rope Magic by Dan Harlan


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Bob Ellis’ Vishnu Rope Mystery: A smooth way to convincingly cut a length of rope into three pieces and restore them back to one by trimming off the knots.

Denhart Ring on the Rope: A puzzling way to thread a ring on a rope with the ends secured around someone’s wrists.

Hindu Ring on the Rope: A classic ring on string trick with yet another method and a delayed reveal.

Peter Warlock’s Ring and Rope Release: A simplified update of a convincing ring release from a tied loop.

EZ Cut and Restored Rope Mystery: A full cut and restored rope routine containing “Another Ending for Zella Ring on the Rope” & “Zella Ring on the Rope”

Grant’s Bombay Ropes and Rings: Straighten out a tangled mess you make with the help of two volunteers, so they can both get exactly what they want.

Tarbell’s Linking Rope Ring Routine: Four loops of rope, tied by you and your helper, are mysteriously linked together.