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Cameron Francis visits the Reel Magic Studios to share some of his effects with cards, sponge balls, bowls, stick men, rings, and keys.

During his two-hour lecture, Cameron demonstrates:

  • First Aid Box: Cameron’s excellent torn and restored card box.
  • Hide, Keep, and Giveaway: Cameron’s take on a Jay Sankey mentalism routine.
  • Skill vs. Magic: Cameron shares his Triumph routine, demonstrating the difference between a card shark and a magician.
  • Cagey: An updated version of a Cameron Francis staple!
  • Small Time: An impromptu assembly effect using four Kings, two Jokers, and a card box.
  • Circular Salad: A packet trick, inspired by Aldo Colombini, that automatically resets itself.
  • Sticky Greatness: Two stickmen assistants help Cameron find a spectator’s chosen card.
  • Bowl-O-Rama: Cameron’s sponge ball routine, using a bowl!
  • Zero Flight Risk: Cameron finishes with his ring on keychain effect. All the thrills with none of the risk!

Don’t miss this great lecture!


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