Pengiun Live Lecture by Tony Clark (April 15th, 2018)

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Tony Clark probably has more experience, with more different kinds of magic, than anyone I know. That’s what makes his lecture so interesting, and so much fun. He’s brought all of that experience, all that creativity, to a whole new range of effects. Best of all, once you see Tony perform them, they’re ideas that you’ll want to use.”– Jim Steinmeyer

Tony Clark is a master magician. His knowledge is expansive; he knows how to successfully perform everything from intricate sleight-of hand to large-scale stage illusions and his solutions are always elegant and magical. We are lucky he is sharing his knowledge.”- Danny Cole

Tony Clark always has the answer! His deep breadth of knowledge in all areas of magic has been built over many years of performing, teaching, learning and consulting. He has a way of attacking magic that is logical, creative, and smart. He WILL make you a better magician, performer and thinker!”- Jonathan Levit

What will he teach?

4 Ace cut into “Liar, Liar” mind reading effect- (Classic mentalism effect) 4 people on stage. Great way to bring people up on stage. Starts with 4 spectator’s cutting to aces. Then moves into mind reading affect where the magician can tell who wrote what on 4 pieces of paper. Packs small and play big on stage.

Silk Thru Spectator’s Arm- A silk penetrates through a spectator’s arm

Knife Thru Coat- Always very strong impromtu routine. A real knife goes through anyone’s jacket.

Flying Knots in Glasses- Great routine that packs flat and plays big. Knots magically fly from one set of tied scarves across the stage to another glass being help by a spectator.

Coins Thru Table/ One coin routine- A modernized version of the Great Slydini’s coins through the table. Powerful principles of timing and misdirection are taught in the process of learning this great routine.

6 card repeat- A great opening effect. Tony teaches a simple un-gimmicked version perfect for any act.

3 Phase cut and restored rope routine- (First two phase from Slydini’s cut and restored rope routine) Fun strong effect. Great for anyone’s act.

Bottle thru Body- A beer bottle is passed through someone midsection. (later in the lecture I can show the bottle thru table as well.)

Who is he?

Tony Clark is originally from Stamford, Ct. His career in the world of entertainment began at the early age of six. By the age of eighteen, Tony already received international notoriety for his many awards as a young magician. In 1988, Tony won the World Class Stage Contest for the Society of American Magicians. In 1994 Tony was nominated Stage Magician of the Year by the Magic Castle in Hollywood. In 1996 Tony produced and performed in his hit Magic Revue Show called “Phantasy”. This show made Lake Tahoe entertainment history, for being the first show to ever run four years straight! In 1998 the Lake Tahoe Boys & Girls club presented Tony with the Volunteer of the Year Award for his work with underprivileged kids in the community. In 1998 the International Magicians Society gave Tony the “Magician of the Year” award and in 2000 he was presented the “World Magic Award” on CBS TV. Next, Tony was asked to create and perform a spectacular escape on the “Worlds Most Dangerous Magic II” on NBC. He also appeared on “Masters Of Illusion” – CBS TV and numerous TV shows around the world. Tony has consulted on TV Pilots with the Emmy winning producer Tom Nunan and actors Steve Valetine (Crossing Jordan). Tony created magic segments and coached Nicholas Cage for his film “Next” and John Malkovich for his film “The Great Buck Howard”. Most recently Tony created the burning rose and hand effect for mega music star Taylor Swift for the AMA awards on ABC TV. For the past fifteen years, Tony has literally traveled the world performing, producing and creating for live stage shows, TV, Film & Videos. Recently, Tony directed a Magic Revue show called “Gleason Magic” at the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV as well as directing and producing 16 long running hit shows winning him producer of the year by the International Magician’s Society. Tony just completed consulting on an upcoming TV Magic Series for FUSE TV. Today Tony utilizes his thirty-years of experience and time tested expertise to create, produce and perform illusion concepts for Stage, Television and Film.