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This is a book not only of routines, but of how to create a show. This book chronocles Paul’s creation of shows over a period of years. This book contains mentalism routines that range from funny to touching to dark and creepy and even routines for sideshow performances.

This book covers the material that Paul has been performing in his stage shows over the last several years. The book includes complete scripting as well as detailed explanation of all of the routines included.

Not only are routines included, but helpful hints and ideas about structuring a show, finding venues, marketing ideas and developing your routines are included. Many of the rotuines also include notes regarding the development from an idea to a finished performance piece as well as the changes that occurred over time.

If you order from Paul’s website, he will also sign the book to you or whomever you wish, if you would like. Just send a note  with the payment and Paul will make sure it gets signed.

The book is 6 X 9 inches (trade paperback size) and 185 pages.  It is softcover and perfect bound.


“I’m really impressed…I honestly think this is a very good book, especially for those who want to learn how to put a show together and to see how it evolves.” — Luca Volpe,

“I picked up Paul Prater’s book Embryos…and have found it a fantastic read covering a much broader spectrum of topics than I had expected. It is not just a book of routines. It is so much more in three chapters. The routines are primarily mentalism that are given Paul’s clever bizarre touches and designed to entertain using an element of surprise. Years of experience and thinking went into creating the material in this book.

I had become a fan of Paul’s performance style after witnessing him perform last year and again this year at the East Coast Spirit Sessions, and now I am a fan of his thinking as well.”–Jim Magus

“[Paul] shares his journey, failures and triumph, as he now has a number of shows he is performing. While he shares freely his “tricks” this book is so much more a ‘how to become a performer’ guide.

Paul is a rising name and this is a great resource and one of the best books I have purchased this year. ” — Craig Phillips

This is not a book that contains groundbreaking ideas and techniques, but that’s not the purpose of this book.  This is a wonderful examination into Paul Prater’s thinking behind his performances.  If you’re looking for an enlightening read that contains valuable wisdom on performing mentalism shows, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book.”–Jheff Poncher

“I think your Embryos is full of charm! It’s great to see a nice strightforward mixture of good solid techniques with left of centre presentations.” –Iain Dunford