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Musical Opener- A musical opener that combines a sun glasses production followed by a cigarette production, then he blows smoke into a wine glass and transforms it into a white rose. The appearance of the rose alone is worth the whole price of the lecture, and he hasn’t even started!!!

Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch- New tips and handlings on this classic Juan one hundred change.

Cigarette- Juan swallows a lit cigarette by mistake and then blows a lot of smoke before bringing it back in a routine full of comedy.

Torn Corner Evolution- A three phase routine where a torn corner and a card travel repeatedly to imposible locations. Juan also teaches his pre torn corner principle for first time.

The Clock- A funny mental magic routine where Juan Pablo predicts the hour and minute a spectator will freely choose on a handless clock, with a kicker ending that will fool not only the most skeptical audience, but magicians too.

JP Tossed Out Deck – A spectator guesses three random cards chosen by other spectators. An original principle that will allow you to perform this miracle any time with a borrowed deck. Pack smalls and plays big. The method is so simple but so deceptive. By the way, even the magician doesn’t know which cards where selected, and it still works!

Rainbow Monte- A few years ago, Juan started playing with the classic ‘Virginia City Shuffle’ and he took it to another level. A stand up parlor routine that has fooled everyone who has seen it. He uses only four cards and you can give everything to the audience to examine at the end.

Musical Closer- A Smoking Pipes production with an original handling. A unique piece of elegant classic magic and manipulation.

Who is he?

Juan has performed on TV shows and in theaters all across the world. With a professional artistic career of more than 20 years, he performs at business events and social parties of all varieties. Juan’s show is full of comedy, magic, and audience participation. Guaranteed laughter with humor suitable for all audiences!


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