Joe Barry – The Perfect Riffle Shuffle


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Joe Barry – The Perfect Riffle Shuffle


What if your in-the-hands riffle shuffle was a perfect Faro? What could you accomplish? Joseph Barry knows the full potential of this incredible feat..

In nearly an hour of teaching, Daniel Madison and Joe Barry discuss the mechanics, psychology, finger placements, nuances, tricks, tips, advice and possibilities of the perfect in-the-hands riffle shuffle.

Not since the advent of the Anti-Faro has a perfectly normal way of handling a deck of cards (a shuffle) been so changing to the world of card magic.

The perfect riffle shuffle accomplishes the same as a perfect 1-for-1 Faro, but done casually, without looking at the deck – and completely unnoticed as anything other than a standard shuffle – because that’s all it is. A Standard shuffle. Just done perfectly. Every time.

Joe reveals three of his favorite effects using the Perfect Riffle Shuffle – an impossible 4 Ace location taking inspiration from Scarne (this is worth the price of the download alone – 4 aces are located with ease in a clearly cut and shuffled deck), a perfect order ‘false’ shuffle and a chosen card revealed in shuffled deck effect that is impossible to reverse-engineer.

A comprehensive credits and further thoughts/studies list is also supplied. This is the absolute, ultimate – and only guide to Joe Barry’s Perfect In-the-hands Shuffle that will have magicians and spectators alike thinking you’re one of the greatest sleight of hand artists in the world, all thanks to one little shuffle.

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Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced