Dr. Cyril Thomas – Chrysalised (Instant Download)

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A hyper-visual collection of innovative new rubber band tricks. You’ve never seen anything like this before. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.

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“Wow… I don’t know how you come up with these ideas but they are amazing!” – Joao Miranda.

The creator of Faith Hacker, Banderaction and Trypophobia is back with a new project full of colors : chrysalised.

In this wonderfull project, you will learn, inter alia, how to perform some of the most visual color changes never invented. The methods taught are extremly clever and easy to learn. This is not only a series of 5 miracles that you will learn here, but also a great tool to write you own poetry. It is time to make your magic evolved, it is time to be chrysalised.

Here is what you will learn in this ungimmicked journey :

– Chrysalis : a rubberband held between your two distanced haud changes color in a blink. It is as visual as a flapped card with a rubberband (set up live)

– DTC : a rubberband is wrapped around your finger, you touch it with another object and as a chameleon, it visually mimes its color. (needs covert setup)

– Band appart : a rubberband is wrapped around your fourth finger and an hair band is wrapped around your index finger. Instantly, they swap places. (needs covert setup)

– Pac-man: a yellow rubberband visually jumps from one finger to the other to eat the blue rubberband. (needs covert setup)

Bonus effect :
Self wedding : a ring visually ascend your finger as if an invisible force proposed you.