Dan Hauss – Linking Time 2.0

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“I was totally fooled” –Nicholas Lawrence

“By far the most visual linking band you can do.” –Dan Hauss

“A jaw-dropping method.” –Dalton Wayne

Two rubber bands are shown in full view. Clearly separate. Then, like an archer, you shoot one band into the other and like a colorful coral snake you can actually see the band slither madly as it links itself ON ITS OWN to the other band. It’s as visually interesting as it is stunning and fooling! The bands are genuinely linked!

Dan Hauss literally discovered a new property of rubber so valuable, that he immediately recognized it as the ONLY way to perform a linking band. HIs discovery allowed him to improve one of his best tricks and turn it into a masterpiece.

What you’re looking at, Linking Time 2.0 is a perfect illusion, a brilliant discovery complete with polished handling, and is a guaranteed fooler. Basically everything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy about a magic trick.

Linking Time 2.0 is POWERFUL and EASY TO DO. It uses no secret props, pieces, magnets, and no extra rubber bands. It gets our highest recommendation.