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Evanescent [Adjectve] – Liable to vanish or pass away like vapour; vanishing; fleeting.

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An elegant and mystifying routine with just three coins.

Rooster will teach you how to pack 12 moments of magic into three minutes of charming entertainment. Learn sophisticated sleight of hand from a world-class conjurer at a digestible pace. There are no magnets, no gimmicks and the coins can be borrowed. This is 100% CLASSIC magic (top hat and tailcoat not included).

Produce, teleport and vanish coins in a professionally choreographed presentation. You can make the magic happen in a spectator’s hands or in your own, making it an ideal routine for both real-world and virtual online performances. What’s more, Evanescent is modular, meaning you can pick and choose the sections you want to perform as you master each module and grow in confidence.

Rooster’s friendly and engaging teaching style, coupled with multiple camera angles, makes Evanescent the ideal tutorial for you to finally perfect the coin moves you’ve always wanted to master. Start learning coin sleights today and perfect a skill that will last a lifetime.



Professional Endorsements

Roo has a great knack for streamlining and clarifying coin magic. This routine alone could take you very far, even if you never learned any other coin magic.

Rick Holcombe

If you are looking for smooth, challenging and extremely visual coin magic then look no further! Rooster is not only an excellent technician but he performs his material in the real world for real people. That’s how you know his material is quality.

Myles Thornton

Whoah! There’s some really unique moments in this routine which delivered an unexpected punch! Playful, well thought out and refreshingly interesting.

Lloyd Barnes

An interactive routine with a clever presentation that’s sure to charm your audience. You’re going to love it.

Danny Goldsmith