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This is a  lecture about my 3 Fly – and Just a cup – routine.

The purpose of this lecture was to “take apart” the structure of 2 routines, hoping to inspire you for your own routines.

Originally I gave this lecture for the mega online event “United Magicians for the World” on 23.10.2020 in a Livestream

If you are interested in my “Just a cup” trick but would like to have detailed information about the routine and the technique I use, this video seminar can give you a perfect basis for your decision. I also have many tips that can improve your Chop Cup routine.

Please note that a very special (and expensive) gimmick is required to demonstrate my 3 Fly routine.
I can NOT provide you with this gimmick myself, but I will gladly recommend a friend who can produce it in excellent quality.

I am convinced that this seminar can positively influence your coin magic, routine planning, and theoretical consideration of tricks even without the gimmick.

Let me inspire you…

Running time 55 minutes

You will receive online access (link + password) with the option to download the video.